The DragNDrop Math Activities provide an easy, enjoyable way to practice basic math.

We currently offer 400 free DragNDrop Math Activities for Addition and Subtraction, running in a browser. Each Activity includes 25 problems (5 sets of 5).

The full package with over 800 DragNDrop Math Activities (over 20,000 problems) is available for purchase by educational institutions. They can be delivered on the Web, on a local server, on the Raspberry Pi configured as a local content server, and as apps for Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

Addition:    Free in your browser        

Subtraction:    Free in your browser

Addition and Subtraction:     Free in your browser

Multiplication:    Available for purchase

Basic Division, Fractions, Units, and Roman Numerals:     Available for purchase

Working with Decimal Numbers:     Available for purchase

Expressions and Order of  Operations:    Available for purchase

The DragNDrop Math modules were created with the Math Machine, an innovative application developed by MediaTechnics, that generates sets of interactive math exercises based on specified operations and formulas. The Math Machine is very flexible, so can be configured to generate different content sets and white lable packages for publishers, resellers, and educational institutions. 

Selected Samples from the Full Math Library

The following samples are included to demonstrate the range of content and exercises in the full math library.

CONTACT MediaTechnics

The DragNDrop Math Activities are available for licensing to educational instiutions and educational distribution partners. We can use our custom software to generate a wide range of additional math activities, including white label versions with your logo and design.