Content delivery

Deliver content.

Online. Offline. Anywhere. Anytime.

On the Web, as a local app, on a local content server.

What if?
WHAT IF you could deliver entire libraries of interactive educational content to the most REMOTE VILLAGES and schools on the planet?

Help support the Grapesyard Organization, Korogocho Slums, Nairobi, Kenya.

What if?
WHAT IF you could deliver this content on a device that FITS IN A SHIRT POCKET and runs from a single electrical outlet, battery, generator, or solar panel?

FlexiLAN can help you do this. Today.

FlexiLAN is a portable content delivery system that puts a library of information in the hands of students, teachers, volunteers, health care workers, and other personnel in remote areas.

JUST PLUG IT IN. FlexiLAN creates a local area intranet that can be accessed from laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Distribute PDFs, videos, and interactive digital books. 
Include your own content or select from our growing library of K-12 and college level modules.

COLLECT RESULTS from interactive learning, certification, and training assessments.


Let us help you deliver your educational content to the most remote schools on the planet. We have partners working in many countries, including India, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.