MediaTechnics Corporation
MediaTechnics is about educational content, technology, and partnerships.
From our first CD-ROM digital textbook back in 1996, to Web content and mobile apps, from testing systems to local content servers, from Windows 3.0 to the Raspberry Pi, we have worked with all kinds of content on most every platform and device. We have worked with big publishers, small publishers, distribution partners, schools, authors, and instructors to create and deliver educational content used by teachers and students around the world.

Course Technology/Cengage Learning
For nearly thirty years, MediaTechnics has been creating some of the best-selling educational content and technology distributed by Course Technology and Cengage Learning. Some of those best selling titles created by MediaTechnics include New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, The Practical PC, Practical Computer Literacy, as well as many other titles in the New Perspectives, Practical, and Illustrated textbook series.

Piron Corporation
For the past five years, MediaTechnics has worked with Piron Corporation to create and distribute educational content and technology to global markets, including India, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. With Piron, and their partners and associates, we can reach educators and students in almost every corner of the globe.

Products and Services

DIGITAL publishing tools

MediaTechnics digital publishing tools can help convert existing titles to interactive, digital format for delivery online or as local apps on all major platforms. 

content creation

The MediaTechnics team has years of experience creating high quality educational content. We can help with project management, authoring, developmental editing, design, layout, and production for both print and digital content.  

content delivery

We can help deliver your educational content to teachers and students anywhere in the world. We can even deliver your content to the most remote schools using the Raspberry Pi as a local content server.

Ed tech consulting services 

Let our experts help you find the best solution to your educational technology problems.


Download best-selling MediaTechnics interactive computer textbooks as local Windows apps.


Try an interactive, multimedia version of a introductory biology textbook for college or advanced high school students.



Over 400 free interactive math activities available online, running in your browser. 


Free spelling and sight words activities running in your browser. 

Let us help you create and deliver your educational content

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